I am living in Erlangen, Germany. I do research at Corporate Technology, Siemens AG. I come from Beijing, China. Before I came to Europe, I worked three years as a software developer at Ivar Jacobson International.

My research interests include: software architecture, model-driven development and software product line engineering. In my first year of Ph.D. study, I scope my research in the area of variability modeling and implementation.

  • 2012-pres: I am a Ph.D. student in the software engineering research group, processes and measurement, at University of Kaiserslautern (Kaiserslautern, Germany).
  • 2009-2012: I completed a double-degree Master program on European Master in Software Engineering: University of Kaiserslautern (2010-2012, Germany) and Blekinge Institute of Technology (2009-2010, Sweden). The study was funded by Erasmus Mundus scholarships.
  • 2002-2006: I completed my Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering at Beijing University of Technology (Beijing, China).
  • Miao Fang, Georg Leyh, Christoph Elsner, Joerg Doerr: Multi- Variability Modeling and Realization for Software Derivation in Industrial Automation Management. ACM/IEEE 19th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS), Saint Malo, France, October 2016. ACM. (to appear)
  • Miao Fang, Georg Leyh, Joerg Doerr, Christoph Elsner, and Jingjing Zhao: Towards model-based derivation of systems in the industrial automation domain. In Software Product Line Conference (SPLC), Nashville, USA, July, 2013. ACM.
  • Fang, Miao; Leyh, Georg; Doerr, Joerg; Elsner, Christoph: Experiences During Extraction of Variability Models for Warehouse Management Systems. The 20th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC), Bangkok, Thailand, December, 2013
  • Fang, Miao; Leyh, Georg; Elsner, Christoph; Doerr, Joerg: Challenges in Managing Behavior Variability of Production Control Software. In: Rubin, Julia ; Botterweck, Goetz (Org.): Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Product LinE Approaches in Software Engineering (PLEASE 2013), San Francisco, CA, USA, 05/20/2013). Download